Get on a Roll in the New Year: Love

For things to be different, you will have to be different. Winners are put on a ROLL and have winning streaks and this is what separates those who achieve from those who don’t. Achievers have goals, build on one success after another, and reach their predetermined destination. Those who are unsuccessful rarely set goals. They are guided only by what has happened most recently and respond rather than act proactively.

ROLL is an acronym (Read, Observe, Listen, Love) and is your map to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Previously, we have discussed how to start reading, observing, and listening. The final step will give you momentum to keep your ROLL going. Is love.

Some might suggest that Love should come first. If we love something, someone, or if we give love, wouldn’t everything else fit in? After all, love is the answer and love conquers all.

In some cases, love will come first and provide the boost we need to persist in the face of challenge. When we love someone we will do everything possible for them. We will read their moods and emotions, observing everything about them and listening to everything said and not said. With love for someone unconsciously we go the second mile.

But many times we do not love what we are looking for in the beginning. Continuing our boat example from previous articles in this series, few will love sailing until they onlyfans free trial links 
have experience on a boat. While some will love to navigate right away, many will love to navigate over time through reading, observing, and listening.

In this way, “falling in love” is really a conscious choice produced by a series of choices and actions. You see, once in a lifetime we can fall in love at first sight, but most of the time in life we ​​decide to be in love. What should we choose to love? That’s the best part: we can choose.

This means that we can choose to love practically anyone or anything. Here it is where it gets interesting. Love is often the result of decisions and actions that unknowingly lead us to “fall in love.” Love, while a mysterious emotion that often seems to arise without warning, can be consciously chosen.