6 Things To Consider Before Choosing An Auto Transport Company

In my previous article in this series I discussed a few things you should know before deciding to transport your car across the country. In this installment, I’ll give you some additional tips to follow before actually deciding on a particular carrier or method of transportation. And I’ll also give you some general tips you should follow to make your move as painless as possible.

Check for adequate insurance

Before entrusting your vehicle to an auto transport company, make sure the company is properly accredited and insured. Cars can occasionally be damaged in the course of a movement; therefore you need to make sure that your service provider has adequate insurance to cover any damage your car may suffer in transit. Make sure you know what the transport company’s insurance policies cover and the amount of insurance deductible you should pay in the event of an insurance claim. You should also check with your insurance company to see what they will cover in the unlikely event that your car gets damaged in transit.

Have your vehicle inspected

Before you deliver the vehicle to the transport company for inspection, take it for a complete overhaul. This is to make sure it is in good working order with no mechanical, electrical or other problems. Regarding the inspection of your motor vehicle, always keep in mind that it is to your advantage, as well as to the advantage of the transport company, to have your car or truck inspected before loading it onto the transport carrier.

To make the vehicle easier to inspect, you need to make sure the vehicle is completely clean. The exterior should have no dirt and the interior should be clean and tidy, making it easy to inspect for any signs of damage or general wear. Document any dents, dents or tiny scratches apply now on your vehicle with the company so that there is absolutely no chance of a later misunderstanding once your vehicle is returned to you. Another inspection is likely to be carried out at the redelivery point.

Although the damage is unusual, it can sadly occur. Therefore it is essential to document any damage to the vehicle on the bill of lading as soon as the car gets off the truck and before taking it away. The transport company assumes no responsibility for any damage that you report to them after you have already taken possession of your vehicle.

Minimum requirements for non-running vehicles

If your vehicle fails, it can still be towed. While it is certainly possible to tow an unusable vehicle, your car should at a minimum be able to roll, steer and brake. If not, you will need to use a forklift at both the pick-up and drop-off point, which will increase the complexity and cost of the move. Keep in mind that your unusable vehicle must be in an appropriately sized lot for the truck and forklift to access if needed.

Should you use a broker?

Brokers act as intermediaries between you, the customer and the transporter or vehicle carrier and are in fact the main source of transport for most of the automotive transporters in the industry. Most brokerage firms are not asset based, meaning they don’t actually own any trucks, but rather work on behalf of their clients to get their car moving quickly and at a reasonable price using their extensive carrier network. of pre-qualified vehicles. Since brokers typically don’t own trucks, they don’t have to burden with idle trucks just sitting around that need to be on the road, but can instead focus on finding the best car loader to transport your vehicle.

Brokers often eliminate trucking companies with poor customer service or a lot of complaints as they don’t want to use a transportation company that doesn’t provide high-quality services. They use tools that you simply don’t have access to that allow them to keep track of the transport company’s security data, driver history, insurance coverage or fraudulent activity (if any). This is invaluable information that you simply cannot obtain by simply searching the internet, so using a broker to make it easier for you to move your vehicle can save you a lot of time and headaches. Basically make a single phone call to the broker and they will help you get a list of available and reputable companies to work with.

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